2009-05-15, Hersheypark Stadium, Hershey, PA

Working on a Dream Tour
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Jay Weinberg plays during the entire show.

Eyewitness accounts

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Jaybo wrote: Heck of a set. Twist and Shout was seamless, while Give the Girl a Great big (Hershey) Kiss was a fabulous audible, even if they struggled a bit with it. Jay played all night - I have a new found appreciation for how efficiently his Dad plays, as Jay really uses his whole body to play.
I can die now...no, wait, I have tickets for Monday night...

bobby joe wrote: another vintage bruce show. twist and shout six songs in got the house jumping and it never stopped.

BJ wrote: As always, another great show from Bruce and the band. Although, last August's Hershey show clocked in at 10 minutes longer (Friday night's was exactly 3 hours). Terrific set list, but I would like to hear a little more from the new WOAD CD. I adore this man and everything he does, but I do fear that his last two tours have turned turned into an oldies act. It's great fun to sing along with the old songs that everyone knows, but with so little live time for the songs from "Magic" and "WOAD," those songs will never have an opportunity to ever become old favorites. I'm Bruce's age and a 25+ year fan, so I can understand if he's kind of going through a nostalgia thing, but I don't want to see him become just another oldies act. His music has remained too relevant and he's just simply too good a performer to steer down that path. I just would like to hear more of his recent work mixed in with the classics. Anyone else feel the same way?

Tom Cantillon wrote: The amazing thing about seeing Springsteen and the E Street Band do their thing better than just about anyone else is that, no matter what kind of day you're having, even if just an ordinary one, seeing Bruce and band simply makes it extraordinary.
This one was a bit tricky being that I did not arrive in the parking lot until 7:50, without a ticket. But luckily, after a short search I ended up with a GA for $10 and entered as Badlands was starting.
Bruce and band were definitely on. They made that transition from arena to stadium effortlessly.
A great Spirit, Out in the Streets and early surprise of Twist & Shout really kicked the show into high gear. Trapped was especially strong.
Backstreets! What needs to be said? A classic! Last year's show was amazing, with an encore set that was a mini concert in its own right, but the only thing missing from last year's show was Backstreets.
Thanks for playing it this time around.
It gives Kingdom of Days a more powerful punch as both songs present the spectrum of life inside a relationship. I just don't understand why Backstreets is not played
more often, or in fact, why it's not a staple in the show. It's strange that it appears every so often as a "special" song, when on other tours, Bruce played it on a regular basis. Hands down, one of his best songs ever and the crowd, no matter where, loves it. My opinion, keep it right there next to Kingdom of Days for a powerful 1-2 punch of something classic, paired with something new.
The crowd was great! People were up all night, which definitely fueled Bruce's desire to give us his all.
Energetic encore set with a great Thunder Road and 10th Avenue. He just needed a better song to end with than Bobby Jean. Ramrod or 7 Nights would have done the trick.
Still, all in all, there's no other place I'd rather be than at a Springsteen concert, especially outdoors, beneath the stars on a summerlike night, hearing some of the best music ever.

Nicki wrote: Awesome - still star struck. On the floor the whole night working our way up. I never get tired of seeing Bruce - I ususally see him in Philly - loved being outside in Hershey for this one - under the stars on a summer night - life is good!

AJM wrote: Was there and saw it all. Better than Aug 2008 (IMHO). Bruce and the band kicked it up a notch since the Spectrum.

FJF wrote: Agree with all the great sentiments about this show. It seems the real, die-hard fans from the Philly and NJ area made it out to Hershey, making the crowd absolutely unbelievable.
And the venue was great. I was with a group that included 4 kids from age 3-8, and we were able to spend most of the concert on the floor. Adults and kids dancing all night.
The man is pure genius!!!!

Jeff C wrote: A great show and a beautiful night. In addition to Jay W. playing, Patti was not there either because it was their daughter's prom night !


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