2009-05-14, Times Union Center, Albany, NY

Working on a Dream Tour
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Jay Weinberg plays the entire show.

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Forrest wrote: It was 'classic' song list night. Traditional yet highly energized, tight solos, and the Boss having the most fun as usual. Kitty's Back, Seeds, Johnny 99, Mony Mony were exceptional. The 'Fret Cam' on Nils' axe proved more than ever what an amazing talent he really is. But more than all of the above, it was 'the kids' night. Jay "Pounding Drums" Weinburg was truly amazing, energized and joyful in his outward display of feeling the moment. Max and Ms. Max ..., ya done good!!!!!

Kevin Lasko - New Paltz NY wrote: Sat backstage center in section 113 row L. The show was great and my 10 year old son enjoyed his 2nd Springsteen party. Jay Weinberg hits the drums really hard and it was fun watching Bruce, Gary, and Nils watching him like they were watching their own son. Truly a family moment for them and me. Our seats were front row because we were above the tunnel that that band used to enter and leave the floor. When the show was over, Bruce was the the last one to leave the area under the stage to walk to their dressing room. He was waving and chatting to the crowd. I didn't know it, but my son was making had gestures toward Bruce. Bruce saw him, pointed at him, gave him a thumbs up, and repeated the hand gesture (I think it was hang loose). Big smile by Bruce, my son, and me.

Bruce - thanks for making Eric's second show one that he will never forget.


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