2009-05-12, United Center, Chicago, IL

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Terry wrote: Great Show Just a few minutes shy of 3 hours. Bruce seemed full of energy and was a great showman. No Patty?? Jay Weinberg filling in for Max in the second half was great. Wish it didn't end.....

tim wrote: new albumn material was like throwing a bucket of water on a fire. you know you got a problem when people are headed to the beer/bathroom lines just three songs into your show (outlaw pete). love the band as it ages, but i'd prefer to see a killer greatest hits show what we got last night. i'm sure i'll get torched for these comments, but that's this 54year old fans opinion.

Frank wrote: Outstanding show. High energy and a pretty good set-list. I'm not a big fan of Dancing in the Dark but it was a great version. Excellent Jungleland, the band was fantastic. The UC isn't the greatest sound venue as sometimes the sound gets "muddy". For my liking I would like to see the trilogy of Seeds, J99 and TJ broken up once in awhile. Seeds just sounds tired to me. Loved J99 and TJ though. Been following Bruce and the band for 30 years the show was great. 22nd time and counting...

Teresa wrote: From my vantage point at Tuesday's Chicago show I could observe Max watching his son set the stage on fire. He was beaming with pride. This was just one of the highlights of the show. Bruce is more than music; he's life as it should be lived.

EZ wrote: Fantastic show IMHO! Highlights for me were Jungleland and Rosalita. Trapped/Candy's Room and the 3 pack Seeds/Johnny 99/GOTJ was awesome. My 10yr/ old was dying for The Fever (the thermometer on his sign, which was flashed repeatedly on the screens, read 104 degrees!)so it's too bad he didn't play it. One of the few songs I've never heard Bruce do live but he and his sister created the sign...not a plant folks!


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