2009-05-08, Bryce Jordan Center, University Park, PA

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Dan wrote: First time seeing Bruce, and the show was incredible. He obviously loves to perform, and he and the band were awesome. I can't say enough about it. Loved it, want to see him again.

Mike wrote: WOW! This was the third time that I've seen the boss and all I can say is that each time is even more amazing than the time before! The boss appeared on stage at about 8:15 and didn't finish until a little after 11. When I saw that this was his 4th show this week, I was a bit worried about him having the energy and the vocal cords to get through tonight's performance. However, Bruce did not let the crowd at lion's den down. During the recession trilogy, I couldn't help but notice that many of the fans used this time to either use the restroom or grab a refreshment. The first thing about the performance that really stood out to me was Nils solo on The Ghost of Tom Joad. I was not expecting the amazing view of the fretboard of Nil's guitar on the big screen as he was tearing through the solo. He had a small camera attached to the head of his guitar. During Raise Your Hand Bruce collected several signs from the audience. I couldn't help but notice several Lion's Den signs. Some of the signs that were displayed on the big screen were one with address of a party somewhere in the college town, and one that said "fan since the womb" (or something along those lines). Before playing My Generation, Bruce told the crowd "The last time we played this song was....never, I think Steven might have played it in 1967." Although it was easy to tell the band had not rehearsed the song, the crowd really appreciated the energy that was put in the song and gave quite an applause after Bruce finished it off. Spirit In the Night had Bruce laying/crawling on the stage. He did the usual with Waitin' on a Sunny Day by having a younger audience member take one of the choruses. At one point during the show, Bruce explained how "we are not going to rock the house tonight, but we are going to build a house. We are going to take the house of doubt, and build a house of faith, we are going to take the house of (fill in an appropriate negative word) and build a house of (fill in an appropriate positive word). Before playing the This Life, Bruce said "Get the jingle bells ready bro." Also, before playing the song, he needed a moment to correctly place his voice in the right key. The song sounded great, but I'm not really sure that the crowd was into it. Before playing Hard Times, Bruce talked a bit about donating food to local food pantry at State College. Jungleland was definitely one of the highlights of the night! After Bruce finished, someone in the row behind me appropriately said, "It doesn't get much better than that!"

I hope my rambling helps! Lol....Good night


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