2009-05-04, Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Uniondale, NY

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John M wrote: Excellent show as always. Crowd was very much involved. Am I wrong or does Bruce and the Band just keep getting better? Sound is fuller and ebergy is as high as in 1978. The Sound system by the way in "The Old Nassau Collieum" was the best I've heard in a while. Bruce always seems to play well in Uniondale: New Years 1980, Magic 3/08 was a fabulous show as well. THis show and the 7/31/2008 show at Giants Stadium could be the best shows I've seen since 1980- and I've seen quite a few.

The very few Negatives: Outlaw Pete, Patti's screeching Vocals on Kingdom of Days( Hurt my ears)

Question of the Night.. Where did Patty go? Disappeared sometime before the intros

Tom Cantillon wrote: After scoring a very cheap GA ticket a few minutes before the show, I was treated to another stellar performance by Bruce and band.
Badlands and No Surrender were played with their usual intensity, as was a killer She's the One.
Raise Your Hand just keeps getting better.
Expressway to Your Heart was simply a fun song, done E Street Band style. A dead on For You was amazing and gave me my fourth song of my top ten I was hoping to hear this tour. Rendezvous and Night followed, making for a little mini-set of "love" songs and was without a doubt a highlight of the evening.
I enjoy The Wrestler, just wish it was paired up with a classic, such as Racing or Backstreets.
Not a big fan of Radio Nowhere and Lonesome Day is good, but lacks the impact of so many other fine songs. I wish Bruce would fit Lucky Day back into the set, right after Kingdom of Days and perhaps add Atlantic City or Cover Me with The Rising and BTR.
A majestic, haunting Jungleland took the show to another level. It has to be one of the most emotionally, stunning and poetic songs he's ever written and I was worried I was not going to be fortunate enough to hear it. Thanks, Bruce.
Dancing in the Dark? I was hoping this was not going to close the show and I guess Bruce sensed the crowd needed something a little more special after such a terrific show--thankfully we got it as Bruce motioned for the band to keep playing as he launched into Rosie.
The place went crazy, as expected.
Enjoyed the show tremendously, as I always do, just wish Bruce would switch up that last quarter of the show a bit, be a little more flexible and spontaneous because afterall, that's all part of the enjoyment and magic of attending one of the shows, because it used to be, you never knew what you were going to get.

Christy wrote: Fun show, but I surely miss a lot of those songs from Human Touch and Lucky Town.
Human Touch, Soul Driver, Real World, Better Days, Living Proof are all excellent songs, so I don't know why he's not adding them to the show.
Kingdom of Days, For You, Rendezvous and Night were glorious.
I'm going to try and see a few more shows, hoping to hear Drive all Night or Incident.


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