2009-04-15, Memorial Sports Arena, Los Angeles, CA

Working on a Dream Tour
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Patti Scialfa is absent for the first time on this tour. Tom Morello guests on "The Ghost of Tom Joad"

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Jack of Hearts wrote: Nearly a flawless show.
Badlands into Darkness was terrific.
Seeds, J99 and Ghost of Tom Joad simply had me stunned. Powerful threesome.
Seeds really kicked ass!
Raise Your Hand!! About time!! What a great song, full of energy and in my opnion, needs
to be a staple in the shows. Encore time, break out Raise Your Hand and retire Dancing.
RYH fits more with the overall theme of the show and goal of Bruce and band--to have a rockin' awesome time.
Spirit, always a pleasure.
Another terrific threesome came with The Wrestler, the always fantastic Racing in the Streets and a beautiful Kingdom of Days. Those 3 should remain in the set as they are. Without a doubt, another highlight that took the show to another level.
Lonesome Day and Rising, only low points.
OVERPLAYED!! Toss in Lucky Day, Cover Me or Prove it with Born to Run and you've got yet another killer threesome.
No better way to close a great show than with Rosie.

Ang wrote: Really enjoyed seeing the show, but wanted more songs from the new cd, or at least a few more "romantic" ones like Drive all Night,
NY City Serenade, Sandy or Fade Away. I know it's a rock and roll show, but play some for the ladies, too.
Raise Your Hand was a lot of fun, never heard it before.
Love Spirit.
A beautiful Wrestler, Racing in the Streets and Kingdom of Days was the best part of the show for me. Don't know why he's not playing This Life or What Love can Do, they are beautiful songs and probably sound great live.
Overall, a B+ for me.

Bency Abraham wrote: Wednesday was my first bruce concert and the 6 hour drive to LA was totally worth it. Outlaw Pete just keeps getting better to hear in concert and while the first 8 songs were rather predictable, it was still enjoyable. Tommy Morello rocked the Honda Center last year when he joined bruce to sing "the ghost of tom joad" and he was tremendous. I absolutely loved hearing the 1-2-3 punch of i'm goin down, raise your hand (which absolutely rocked) spirit in the night. My only complaints about the show was playing racing in the street and darkness on the edge of town, I wish he had played some older songs but I'll take what I can get from Mr. Springsteen. It is great to have land of hope and dreams back in the encores and there's not a better song to close a concert than with Rosalita. All in all, it was a tremendous night of music.


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