2009-04-08, Toyota Center, Houston, TX

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David L wrote: Great show. The Wrestler really works well live, as do Hard Times and American Land. A very enthusiastic crowd which, I feel, instigated the surprises (Rosalita & Cadillac Ranch).
Badlands is a great opener, and BTR a great set closer.
Other thoughts: This show was nowhere near the "lousy economy downer" that 1 or 2 previous posts suggested. Also, Bruce's hair is very short for him, and he looked to be in great shape. Clarence was fine, although he did sit most of the time and even played the sax while it was on its stand once or twice.
Confession: I never understood the buzz about Rosie. I have heard the recorded versions and didn't get it. After last night I GET IT!!!

Tonya Hulse wrote: My sister, Mary, and I were enroute to the Bruce Springsteen show at the Toyota Center in Houston, TX last night when we were struck by a Houston Metro bus. But, we were not to be thwarted. After the reports and statements were taken, the tow truck driver dropped my sis and I off in front of the arena; and then, he towed my little car away. The show was fabulous. The opener, "Badlands" and the line "it ain't no sin to be glad you're alive" was extra powerful because of our pre-concert ordeal. I wonder if Mr. Springsteen and the band realize just how dedicated some of his fans really are? To get hit by a bus and STILL make it to the show? That is dedication!!!

Tonya Hulse
April 9, 2009

Buddy wrote: This was my 24th Springsteen concert, second time seeing at Toyota Center ( first was Liberty Hall here in Houston in 74' ) First I wlll say that this crowd was pretty lame. Yes there were many die hard fans but the "sing alongs" were the quietist I ever heard. I mentioned to my date ( who had never seen Bruce before ) that if this was in Europe or Jersey the crowd would be ten times louder. The crowd aside Bruce and the E Street band laid it all out to perfection once again. The crowd did come alive with Out In The Street ( who wouldn't )
I felt The Ghost Of Tom Joad was the most compelling number and Nils guitar is amazing. The band really hits it's stride with Cadillac Ranch and Hard to Be A Saint In The City which were both shot from the hip, not from a setlist when Bruce took some placard requests from the crowd and shuffled through them, picked these two and told the band what key to play and blasted away. The band played with no intermission, their energy is always amazing with Born To Run it's final of the set with full house lights on. Six more songs to go in the encore with Hard Times Come Again No More being a fantastic and timeless pice written back in 1853, a song befitting for our country in these times. The last four songs couldn't have been any better. Land Of Hopes And Dreams seems to be a standard closing song for Bruce which I never get tired of hearing , the song will sooth your soul. American Land was another amazing piece which featured accordians , violin , acoustics and perfect harmonies, to an Irish beat which was fun to watch.
And yes , Dancing In The Dark did leave the awoken crowd on it's feet after 2:45 of the rockinest band on earth!

T Carroll wrote: This was my second show I have been to, and I'm only 11.Badlands is a great opener. I was suprised and my dad went crazy for Saint in the City. Born to Run, Rosie, and Dancin' in the Dark the lights were on for. Out in the Street was fun. All in All, simply an epic preformance.


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