2009-04-05, Frank Erwin Center, Austin, TX

Working on a Dream Tour
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Jay C wrote: First show I've seen from Bruce and the Band in 4 or 5 years, and they were in good form tonight! I've got most of the songlist, but I'll wait and see if someone else has it accurately. Nice surprises from the vaults like Jungleland, Glory Days, Because The Night,I'm A Rocker and that full band version of Johnny 99. Backing up 99 with Youngstown was particularly powerful, thematically. Even got in Prove It All Night in the fourth spot. I wonder what that Irish jig right before Glory Days was?

Bryan wrote: This is my first time seeing Bruce with the E Street band somewhere outside of the tri-state area. I liked the setlist as he did a great job mixing everything from his catalog. The energy level of the band was good, but not what I saw back in Jersey which probably had a lot to do with the crowd not being as excited about songs off of Darkness and BTR like they probably would be in Jersey. Highlights of the night for me included the full band version of Johnny 99 and Because the Night along with a fun ending of the show with Glory Days. This was my wife's first experience with Bruce and the Band (she saw the Devils and Dust tour and was not impressed) where she has never been a big fan of Bruce's music. Last night she had a great time and said, "Wow, now that is a rock star!" noting that she wants me to pull Workin on a Dream on her IPOD.

Richie wrote: I love seeing shows away from NJ because he seems to take the crowd
for granted and the crowd takes him for granted. He really worked
tonight and I give it a B+. It's early and he'll only tighten it up more
and blow people away. At 59 the man still kicks ass!

Randy wrote: I missed the Magic tour. So this is the first since the Seeger Sessions. This was better than I had anticipated: Sherry Darlin', I'm a Rocker, Jungleland, Prove it... But I was hoping he would dig way deeper into the catalog. I liked this show because, to me, Bruce sang his songs straight, without that country draw he's been doing... hard to describe but that's how it sounds to me. CC is a trooper. Even though the power is not there like it used to be, he blows a pretty mean horn. Hope he can hang around for a while. But I would not be suprised if this was his last tour. Still the greatest live band around. And they've got a good Boss too.

Holly wrote: Fun to see the show through my 24 year old son's eyes. He didn't know Bruce could play guitar like that and said, "Are you sure he's 59?" Jungleland a treat. Volume got uncomfortable by the end--is something different at the Erwin Center? Had no problem at 3 Magic shows last year. Looking forward to Houston!


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