2009-04-03, Jobing.com Center, Glendale, AZ

Working on a Dream Tour
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Bency Abraham wrote: I didn't know what to expect from this WOAD tour but last night was phenomenal and utterly incredible concert. The 1-2-3 punch of badlands, outlaw pete, my lucky day was simply tremendous and there were so many great songs like working on a highway, because the night, the rising, 10th avenue, ghost of tom joad & especially rosalita. I'm so glad that bruce is taking requests on this tour. The songs from the new album: working on a dream, outlaw pete, my lucky day, kingdom of days, & the wrestler was absolutely tremendous. It was a great time had by all and I can't wait to see bruce in los angeles.

dave4858 wrote: Excellent show. Bruce and the band were in top form. Some nice surprises, including Night, Downbound Train, Because the Night, and of course, Rosalita. Ghost of Tom Joad was phenomenal, with Nils filling in the guitar solo that Tom Morello did so amazingly in Anaheim on the last tour. Bruce was in fine voice, the band was tight, and the staging was very good. Outlaw Pete was tremendous live. All in all, an outstanding show.

Mellow Yellow wrote: Wow, never thought I'd say this, but the 2nd half of the show was boring! I could have left after Because the Night (which was amazing) and come back for Born to Run and not have missed a thing.
Radio Nowhere, Lonesome Day and The Rising--again! just don't help to bring the main set to a rocking close. Can't Bruce see the reaction? He's usually quick to pick up on these things, so hopefully he'll sit down and take a hard look at the setlist and give it some major thought.
I liked Kingdom of Days a lot and didn't think I would, but pair it with a better song than The Wrestler. Play Tunnel of Love, Fade Away, Sandy, For You or NY City Serenade.
As far as closing the set with some high energy, add Prove it All Night, Adam Raised the Cain, She's the One, Backstreets or I'm a Rocker with the closer, Born to Run. We don't need to be hearing Lonesome Day and Rising again.
Encores were slamming, minus Dancing, and I can live with that after getting 10th, Rosie and LOHAD.

The Wolfman wrote: Hey Bruce, where's the new album??
Where's the lush, romantic sounds and themes that are throughout your new collection of songs??
Yeah, many of us have been hit by hard times and I can dig some of those songs: Badlands, No Surrender, Seeds, Ghost, J99, Hard Times and American Land, but what about the focus of the new material??
Where's What Love Can Do, This Life, Queen and Tomorrow Never Knows??
Ok, maybe first half of the show, give us a set that echoes these hard times with also some hope, but then get to the new cd, man and play it like it REALLY MATTERS!!
So many great songs on the new cd that aren't even making it into the set. The new songs are refreshing, especially This Life, Kingdom, What Love can Do and Queen. Put them in and find some rarely played material that would fit: For You with This Life, She's the One, Fire or Better Days with What Love can Do,
The Fever or Fade Away with Queen of the Supermarket, Wreck on the Highway or Something in the Night with Tomorrow Never Knows and toss in Drive all Night and NY City Serenade and you've got one kickass second half of the show that places a spotlight on your new material and the theme to the cd.
And please play Last Carnival. It totally captures the essence of the entire collection about the love,life and friendships that we have and need to cherish now, while we still have them.
You know it's there, that's why you wrote those songs and put out this new batch. So play them with all that passion and urgency that you've played every other song on previous tours and faith will be rewarded!


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