2009-04-22, TD Banknorth Garden, Boston, MA

Working on a Dream Tour
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Tim and his band the Dropkick Murphys guest on "So Young and in Love" and "American Land". Jay Weinberg plays on "Radio Nowhere" through "Born to Run".

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Stuart wrote: Went to both nights amazing, second night

Glen Graubart wrote: When I showed up, I was thinking maybe I have gone to one too many Bruce shows. He launched into Badlands and Candy's Room, I thought he was off key and definitely had a cold or something. I was getting this ill feeling that I am going to see my first dud of a show from Bruce.

He launched into Outlaw Pete. I was relieved to see the passion into this song that had been missing from the pair of Darkness (btw - my favorite album). Outlaw Pete is destined to be a classic song.

Then we got She's the One. I have always liked the song but I have seen it in my last 7 times that I have seen Bruce. It was also a little flat as well and off key. Not used to this. He then went into Working On A Dream. Nice version and it worked well with the crowd.

He played Raise Your Hand which got the crowd going as well and he was collecting the signs. This time the signs had a twist - he wants to do at least one cover the band has never done before. Tonight it was I wanna Be Sedated. They did it fabulously and it turned the corner for the night. Bruce sensed it and did a pair from Greetings - Spirit in the Night and For You. Spirit in the Night is one of those songs he can do every time and I will love it every single time he does it (Promised Land and Jungleland have that effect on me as well).

The trio of Waiting on A Sunny Day, Promised Land, and Jungleland really reved the crowd up. I thought to myself can he keep this up with the cold. He went into Kingdom of Days. I did not like this song on the album but live it works! Bruce has a funny way of taking album songs and making them Pop on stage.

After Kingdom, he brought Jay Weinberg. All I can say is wow. Being a big Max fan, I thought why do they have to do this. Now I see why - just a great vibe to Radio Nowhere, Lonesome Day, Rising and BTR. In particular Lonesome Day and Rising were better than the last two tour versions.

The encores were good especially the added treats of the Dropkick Murphys on American Land and Glory Days. Loved Thunder Road and the so Young and in love! Bruce added 7 nights to Rock. It was not a particularly good version of the song but just the fact that he broke out an additional song was amazing on a night where he clearly was not feeling his best.


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