2009-04-21, TD Banknorth Garden, Boston, MA

Working on a Dream Tour
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Jay Weinberg plays on the last four songs of the main set.

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RBB wrote: As usual the band did not disappoint. Nils on GOTJ was nothing short of amazing. Rosie's always a treat. I also liked BTR close to main set, it feels right. Another great night in Boston.

Pete wrote: Overall - I'd say it was good, not great.

Some immediate "morning after" reactions while everything is still fresh in my mind.

Badlands works well as an opener. Got everybody into it right away. Of all the shows I have seen I think this opener and then The Rising may have been the best show openers.

Jay Weinberg can freakin' play. He brought some serious power and energy for his 4 songs. The crowd totally fed off it - it was interesting seeing Bruce give him instructions during song transitions and bridges.

Outlaw Pete, which I'm slowly warming to on the album, was outstanding. One of the highlights of the night I thought.

Johnny 99 ROCKS.

He did "I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide" by sign request. The sign had lyrics and key progression on the back. They killed it - great fun rockin' song.

Very odd not seeing Federici on stage. Slightly different sound too, which I thought was noticeable. Sad.

I'd lose the background singers and replace them with horns .... I'd also lose the fog machine. Its not a Bachman Turner Overdrive show.

Bruce was sick. I give him huge credit for gutting it out, but when your sick and trying to do a 3 hour muscular show it has got to be tough. He was doing farmer's blows all over the stage, and kept having to step away from the mic to cough. I think his energy level was down as a result. I pity the roadie who was on post show "Bruce booger cleanup patrol"

Clarence. Holy crap. I had no idea he had aged this much. He stood maybe (maybe) 3 times during the show - all solos were from his stool. He also played very softly - there was no huge power blast when he needed it. Almost a non existent stage presence. And even when he did stand, between his huge black nightgown thing and big hat, you couldn't eve see him.

The sound was muddled - tough to hear Roy or Clarence - although this may have been due to our seats, we were 20 rows up slightly behind stage right looking down on Roy.

All of the above not withstanding, the show seemed a bit scattered. No recurring theme as he has had in I think every ESB show I have ever seen. Only 4 songs from WOAD, and aside from Outlaw Pete, the new stuff was pretty flat. I was looking forward to hearing The Wrestler, but he struggled with it because of being sick (coughing, etc.).

It felt like more of a greatest hits show.

As I'm sure you know, this has been a criticism so far this tour, and after last night, I thing the criticisms are warranted.

One of the things I love about his shows is being both inspired, and then followed by those moments when he moves from it into 5th gear and gets the crowd going bananas .... and then somehow jams it into 6th gear ... and then even higher ... all backed by great musicianship. We never got there last night ...

RBB wrote: Pete's nuts, the show was tremendous. Yeah, they're old man. Did you not see Nils Lofgren, were you obsessing on Clarence all night? Nils took the roof off the place. I didn't mention Bruces solo in ARAC, but that was equally high and mighty. Dude!

Glen wrote: I came away from this show feeling empty... there did not seem to be a synergy with the band and the crowd. Loved Seeds & Johnny 99 and listening to Nils cut it open. I was dismayed with the four songs that Jay did. I felt and thought that the sound was rushed and that they were being played way too fast. I hope that with some more time playing live with the band he'll fill in admirably, but forright now it brought back too many memories of Zach playing drums on the Human Touch/Lucky Days tour.

soberboss wrote: probably THE WEAKEST show ive ever seen..and I have seen many..i have seen Bruce sick before and he was able to pull it off...If your sick stay away from the power-driven stuff..How about the same gd setlist in boston every time he is here..Ill play racin, backstreets, point blank, drive all night, back in your arms..get rid of the rising and lonesome..more roy..the sound sucked and combined with bruces voice..what was up with the smoke??..I have been a fan since 71 and grew up in nj...this summers gillette show was a 91/2 tonight was a 5...i love bruce his music saved me.vanzant looked tired..clarence love him cannot over power us anymore..still the E STREET BAND IS THE BEST EVER and i will keep some of the historic shows i have seen up front in my mind
steve d


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