2009-07-11, RDS, Dublin, Ireland

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Chris Carry wrote: Jeez. I'm kinda mad at the moment. I just heard a lady on the radio (Tom Dunne - Newstalk) tell everyone about the wonderful experience her sons had at Bruce on Sat night.They "waited all day", the kids were "huge fans" (young boys maybe 7 and 5?). Bruce tried to get th eyoungest boy to sing during "Waiting On A Sunny Day". How great it all weas etc. What WASN'T mentioned weas how her and her pig ignorant husband hassled the fans around them, physically verbally and by putting those kids on their shoulders blocking eye lines for dozens of people behind them. Ignored rspectful AND official request to lower the children. The husband was a 6ft guy and bashed my 14 yr 4'11" daughter in the head with his stupid back pack. Then the wife had the temerity to make snide/nasty comments to my girl when she told me what had happened and I asked the guy to be careful. I only found out this morning that my partner had also been elbowed in the jaw by the same guy (she hadn't told me on the night as tensions all around this pair was getting, sadly, raised). These folks were on a huge ego trip for themselves at the expense of everyone else. I'm delighted the child got to high five Bruce (after he was practically thrown at him) but this couple were shameful in their lack of respect for anyone else. The kids btw were bored, sleepy, whiney, fidgety for 95% of the show (as kids will be, not their fault - standing in the rain for 12 hours will do that to ya!)We didn't let this spoil our show though and had a great time. I was just so annoyed hearing this mother on the radio tell everyone how wonderful it was etc when she obviously hadn't a clue/didn't care about anyone else around her including other peoples kids. Shame on them. No one wins unless everyone wins. The amount of other great people from around the globe we met that evening confirmed that Bruce fans are a special breed. These two folks were in a different league altogether...
(Justin "Sparks" from Trim? If yer out there, great to meet you dude. I had to write the above as you'll understand why!)
Chris in Kells, Ireland

David Gorman wrote: July 11, 2009, Dublin, Ireland, RDS ? Better than the hype!!

8.05pm and it happens, the E-Street Band take to the stage and Bruce immediately comments on the ?beautiful Irish weather? . . . . The rain falls harder now than at any other time of the day and so breaking from the routine he rips into Who?ll Stop the Rain . . . . Already the crowd are his! The misery of standing and waiting in the elements for the gig to begin is soon forgotten. The Boss is here and he?s here to stay for 10 minutes shy of 3 hours!! Following the opening song, the set takes a more familiar sound as Badlands, Cover Me, Because the Night & Born to Run are all included in a fantastic range from Bruce?s Encyclopaedia of music.

So many highlights were crammed into the near 3 hour set, something for everyone. Whether it was the wee toddler helping out with Waiting on a Sunny Day, the brilliance of taking requests from the jubilant crowd or the musical highlights which confirm that this man and his merry band provides unbelievable and unforgettable performances night after night. In particular tonight the performances of The River, Thunder Road and The Ghost of Tom Joad stick out, but the list is endless and everyone has their favourites.

The July 11th show will go down as one of my all time favourite Bruce gigs, having seen him 11 times, last nights show had energy that I haven?t seen before from a Springsteen performance. Because of the poor weather conditions he had to work harder than ever to keep the crowd interested, it?d have been very easy for anyone to walk out of a gig early having stood for hours in the lashing rain, but this wasn?t just any gig this was the self proclaimed ?hardest working? Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. Was leaving an option for anyone? No chance. We were there to see a show and a show is what we got. There was no need for mechanical elephants, uni-cyclists, clowns or trapeze artist (Take That- Croke Park). Guitars, harmonicas, drums and pianos replaced all that and that?s what makes this man a living legend.

rr wrote: barcelona 2008, poles,indians,spanish, brits, all as one down in the pit, only problem we all had was tricola waved in everyones view. when appealed to, we were told in no certain terms. hope you guys are reading this

Liam Curran wrote: This was my 24th Bruce show and apart from my first (Slane 85) this was as good as any. Highlight of the night was Hard Times & Johnny 99, just hope he keeps comming back, really miss Danny on the organ.


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