2009-07-30, Estadio Municipal de Foietes, Benidorm, Spain

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Anne wrote: Absolutely Brilliant, could hear every word Bruce sung

Gunnar wrote: This was my 29th Bruce concert since 1981 and I brought my wife and 2 kids as well. This was an incredible night and it was the best crowd I experienced outside Sweden. Bruce and the band were incredible! I suggest that you look in Max eyes on youtube "My Love Will Not Let You Down". His eyes says it all!!

paul-UK wrote: Ive followed the boss now for 25+years all over the UK plus the odd gig abroad id managed to get tickets for my wife&daughter(Bruce virgins) before we went on holiday, and what a concert it turned out to be id made a request sign before we left (were here where the f*** is Rosie) and after getting right up front against the stage to our joy Bruce took it from my daughter who was on my shoulders holding it aloft but to our dismay he played 2 or 3 requests then went back to the set list but things were going to get a whole lot better he next went into promised land and towards the end he made his way to our side of the stage and after finishing the harmonica riff he bent down and placed it in my daughters hand tussled her hair and kissed her cheek the three of us went absolutely mental as did the crowd all around us the icing on the cake came in the encore when he picked our sign up showed it to the band then turned towards where we were stood and shouted are you still here and then proceeded to nail Rosie the harmonica now takes pride of place in our house a treasured memory of a fantastic concert and holiday plus hes now got 2 new converts THANKS BRUCE (Ive since found footage of it on you-tube)


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