2009-07-21, Stadio Olimpico, Turin, Italy

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Alberto wrote: Great setlist!!! Loose Ends, Drive all night etc etc... the three "recession songs" have disappeared for a relax, party-like show. unfortunately Bruce has spoken a local dialect (very hard to understand even for italians) and sometimes the audience seemed puzzled by the words he said. Raise Your hands has been sang, insted of just played (as the 2 Dublin shows, for instance). as for signs, he picked up three sealed envelopes, he opened one and it said "Drive All night" he turned it away, but the second envelope had the same banner, and so had the third... some folks around me think it was a prepared situation, that it was not a genuine fan joke... Sam Springsteen playing during WOTH...
All in all a very enjoyable concert, with Max really very powerful. see you in Udine


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