2009-07-19, Stadio Olimpico, Rome, Italy

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The show starts and ends with a recorded version of Ennio Morricone's "Once Upon a Time in the West". Bruce's mother and aunt are on stage dancing during "American Land". "My City of Ruins" is dedicated to the victims of the earthquake in Italy in April 2009.

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the iLSTER wrote: ive been waiting for this set list for along time . i have tickets to this show and tomorows at torin , but me and my sis cant attend . we've been waiting along time to share this expiriance . i always drink bruce alone ...finnally it was sapposed to happen , and with my sister . i wont lay on you why and how we missed it , and couldnt get rid of 4 150 euro tickets , but i'll just say that ,outlaw pete , american skin , my city of ruins ,suprise suprise should of been my own highlights .i havent seen them live yet .and for my sister , well i guess that for a person that likes the band but never seen them live - every song , from first to last .
still love you sis . hope everything will be well .

waiting for turins setlist .

Antonio wrote: Simply perfect, an incredibile show, thanks to Bruce and The E Street Band. After 24 hours like a blinding light get back on my mind the Nils solo on Prove it all night, a great Atlantic City, Born to run a big gunshot, an endless Thunder road, and than No Surrender ,BoBBy Jean ,Hungry Heart, She's the one, Baaaadlaaands, I'm on fire....
This is my N.4 after Rome88/Rome93/Florence2003
Maybe the best.
Thank you again Bruce for this unforgettable night and ARRIVEDERCI


Enrico wrote: Incredible show... I can not describe the emotions y proved during the show, three hours of rock n roll, pure energie! Thank you Bruce, I hope you will come back soon in Rome



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