2009-07-08, MHC Messecenter, Herning, Denmark

Working on a Dream Tour
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Stender wrote: Dark heavy clouds were hanging low over the Herning area all day. We were all just hoping they would not burst into this summer's hardest rain. Half-way through "Working on a Dream" Bruce went out to the crowd singing the chorus, repeating "I'm working on a dream, working on a dream.....". And suddenly the Sun appeared; sharp, yellow and warm and lightened up the whole area for the rest of the concert. Bruce couldn't hold himself back and laughed of joy in the middle of a sentence.. :-)

A great moment I hope the Boss will also remember himself for a long time.

Amyjens wrote: Maybe the best concert i've been to with The Boss, and there have been many great concerts

Niels Dehn wrote: A fantastic concert. He even made the rain go away.
A lot of both hard rock, new numbers and ballads.
Bruce is a man of the people, no star manners.
I hope it's noy only Bruce who is working on a dream!


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