2009-06-04, Olympic Stadium, Stockholm, Sweden

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Rikard wrote: Add "Idas sommarvisa" (Georg Riedel) played by Lofgren on the accordion as the band came on stage before Who'll stop the rain. It's a song from one of the many Astrid Lindgren storys (this one is found the tv version of Emil in L?nneberga).

Concert was ok ... considering the bad weather.... +5 C and raining...

Timmy wrote: Loved this show, even though it rained and was cold as hell!
I don't think I've ever LAUGHED so much at a Springsteen show before... Brought a sign (mostly as a joke) for Freebird, and I wasn't prepared when he came rushing down towards the end of the stage I was standing at, so he waited there when I unfolded it, tilting his head to try to see what it was and when he saw it he just grinned and pointed at it - I think he got the joke! :D Wild Thing was very cool, and I'm glad to see LoHaD and Lucky Day back in the set! Didn't really like Ghost (sounded too much like Youngstown) and Hard Times (sounded too much like a screaming contest - I've heard better versions of that one). Overall a very good concert, though I still like Ullevi #1 last year better. But there's two shows left! ;)

Gunilla wrote: It was a great show (as allways). It was raining a lot, so what. When the Boss is here it doesn?t matter what whether it is. It?s allways good.

Lundhamn wrote: The first of the three shows was also the best. It had structure, discipline and Bruce was on fire.


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