1973-09-06, Dean Junior College, Franklin, MA

Greetings From Asbury Park Tour
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Ray Bishop wrote: I'm a 59 year old male. I was at this performance when Bruce was just making a name for himself. I believe me and my buddy paid $4.00 at the door and so few people showed up in the gymnasium that we all helped push the gymnasium bleechers back into the wall and all sat on the floor in a big circle around Bruce & his band. It was one of my most memorable concerts ever. I always joke & say I could never afford Springsteen tickets after that night.

Paul Thomas wrote: Hey Ray, it's cool to hear of someone else that was at this show. I'm 58 now, also male, and had just moved up to Boston with my family, and had never heard of Bruce at that time. I went to the show just because I wanted to catch a band that night. I do remember everyone just sitting on the floor of the gym. It was, also, one of my most memorable concerts, because on that night Bruce had what I can only describe as a "charisma", something about him that was magical and indescribable. I'd never seen anyone with a charisma like that before, and have never since. I've seen lots of premier bands in the 70's and 80's, all at their peak, but no one with a charisma like Bruce had that night.


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