1973-06-14, Madison Square Garden, New York, NY

Greetings From Asbury Park Tour
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Bruce opens for Chicago.

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Joe A wrote: I was at the same show. It was our prom weekend. Little did we know.... Does anyone have the setlist from that night.

Gary Kronfeld wrote: I was there.BIg chicago fan then.Sat in the first row at garden.Like others it was easy to realize that this was some one that got your attention and was a great rocker.Wish i could remember the setlist. Big impression of the big man in white suit. Definatly closed with thundercrack.Never forgot that song since that night.Player lost in flood and i think spirit and blinded.Its hard tobelieve it took born torun to get the boss noticed 2 years latter. especially after wild innoncent.

Karen Holstein wrote: I was there. With some high school friends and dates. Bruce was the back-up band for CHICAGO who was headlining. Hadn't heard of him yet, but when the lights dimmed, we were still chatting amongst ourselves. Relatively quickly did he get our attention. We thought/said, "Who is this? He's not bad!" -- a decent compliment from an easterner. Bruce ROCKED - we enjoyed him, unknown to us at the time.


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