1971-03-18, Deal Park, Deal, NJ

Steel Mill
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Bruce Springsteen with an un-named backing band featuring some of the people who would become Dr. Zoom & the Sonic Boom and later Bruce Springsteen Band. Deal-native Patti Scialfa is believed to have attended this show and have been introduced to Bruce for the first time on this occassion.

Eyewitness accounts

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Albee Tellone wrote: This was a Jewish Community-sponsored dance run by the Young Hebrew Association (YWHA-YMHA), who utilized the park facility as its clubhouse. Although the Poster billing "Bruce Springsteen" implies a possible solo performance, it wasn?t. This was the beginning of the Bruce Springsteen Band and the same group as the Bruce Springsteen Jam Band (see 1971-04-16). They were also the core of DR ZOOM AND THE SONIC BOOM.

The billing reflects the fact that Bruce had no settled band name at this point. Springsteen utilized a 4-piece band of Steve Van Zandt, Vini Lopez, Garry Tallent and David Sancious.


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