2002-11-04, Compaq Center, Houston, TX

The Rising Tour
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Appr. 2 hours, 40 minutes

Eyewitness accounts

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Drew Conrad wrote: Once again, Bruce does the job. Highlights were "For You" piano solo, "No Surrender", and "Born to Run" with all the lights in the place on. Weird at first, but it was actually kind of cool. Also, they did a little cajun rendition of "Working on the Highway" at the end with a washboard and Bruce wearing a John Popper-esque hat. This show had much more excitement than the last Houston show a couple years ago. The general admission floor helped out a lot. The last show was all assigned seating. Sadly, there were no new tour songs played, but hopefully I'll get a suprise in Austin tommorrow night. Ran into a couple ladies wearing "greasylake.org" t-shirts. I immediately chatted them up about past and upcoming shows.

Mike Nepveux wrote: Great show - guy has boundless energy on stage. Seemed like he was going through the motions on Dancing in the Dark though. Working on the Highway was great, and a fitting way to end the show as we all trudged back home to get ready for work the next morning. Notable in their absence were Thunder Road, Promised Land, Prove It All Night, Spirit in the Night, Because the Night. Nothing off of Lucky Town. No idea why No Surrender was included. Darkness is my favorite album, and I don't think we heard more than Badlands from it. Would have preferred Candy's Room to She's The One, for the infatuation song. Fabulous vocal duet with Boss and Patti to open Empty Sky. Ties That Bind was hard rockin'. Ramrod was fun, despite the repetitive chord progression. Bruce seemed deeply moved on Empty Sky and You're Missing. Waitin' on a Sunny Day was a great way to gently ease us out of the grief of those prior two songs. Gary Tallent was WAY TOO LOUD the whole show. Don't know how the sound folks missed this. During parts of nearly every tune, he covered up the entire band. The crowd was so calm after Into The Fire that it seemed a strange point to end the main body of the show.

Kevin G. wrote: It was my first time seeing Bruce. Everyone told me how awesome it was going to be, but the real thing just blew away any of the hype. Springsteen has that once-in-a-generation ability to just put on a live show that blows people's minds. I'm only sorry that I was born in the 80's and missed most of Springsteen's original work.

The poetry of the songs and the passion with which he plays and the talent with which he surrounds himself with all climaxes into two and a half hours of the best live music anyone could ever see, anywhere.

Choosing his best song of the night is a near impossible feat. "Lonesome Day" was great but "Into the Fire" was even better. "For You" was really special and so was "Land of Hope and Dreams". However, I think the way he did his closing song, "Working on the Highway", made it the night's best.

What a performance, what a band, what a musician.


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