2002-09-30, Xcel Energy Center, St. Paul, MN

The Rising Tour
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Appr. 2 hours, 50 minutes.

"Further on Up the Road" is a tour premiere. "Nothing Man" is a world premiere.

Eyewitness accounts

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Scott wrote: This show was an event. I ended in the 14th row with my GA ticket. This was my 9th Bruce show. What simply amazes me is that he and the band just kept better--year after year after year. The Rising kicked off the. It's a great way to star. The band hit it like a ton of bricks. Lomesome Day followed. Then we heard No Surrender---a surprise for me with the full band version. I help my breath during Empty Sky and Your'e Missing. Bruce and Patti's harmony vocals took the two songs to a different level. My eyes became slightly teary-eyed. Further is another song that works great live. This is my show of the Rising tour. I still haven;t heard the Fuse--a song that moves me tremendously. It's a song about how important physical intamacy is in times of great upheavel. The songs from the Rising worked live. The highlights also included Nothing Man, which was done very similiarly to Empty Sky. Then I heard Roy's piano. Could it be? Racing in the Street. This has one of fave songs since I've been a Bruce fan of 20 years. I closed my eyes and let the song take me to another place. Bruce also did the full band version of Born in the USA. I've felt mixed feelings about this song live. it's essentially a song about the unhappy aftermath of war. Last light Bruce prefaced it with remarks about the need for due process and how our other civil rights have taken with beating under President Bush. He also warned about getting involved with Iraq without more dedate--which it true. Then he played the song. The entire arena erupted. I always like the slide guitar version. My only complaint was that even as close as we were standing, some of the audience watched Bruce in the video monitors. Asside from this, this is a powerful, moving and trascending concert. That you Bruce and the E Streeters. This was a goddammed event.

"LoverInTheCold" wrote: Dear lord. You could not possibly get any better than this. The day, the wait, getting in the front row of the pit, TOUCHING BRUCE!!!! The Boss looked his best ever last night, coming out, unshaven in a pin stripe suit coat and hushing the crowd with his presence. And the crowd went absolutely wild when Further On, came on, it was a mid-age mosh pit, and it suprised me to see people three times my age responding like they were school kids. Bruce was absolutely "on fire", he could sense the fact that this crowd was HERE and they were INTO it. We jumped, bumped, and pumped until we needed oxygen masks. Bruce became really aware of the crowd during "Promised Land", coming down and reaching out to the audience, blowing his harmonica in the ears of a 'security guard' who looked like he didn't want to be there. But the highlight of this most-amazing show was a beautiful version of "Racing in the Street" which just might be better that the 79' version that is highly regarded as the best. Waiting on a Sunny Day was accustic and it sounded better that way. I almost launched myself on stage during the rendition of "Dancing in the Dark". Stevie threw me his pick, but the asshole camera man bumped me out of the way and some little girl, who looked unhappy to be there, got it. I'm happy for her though and hope she cherishes it forever. BTR was smashing and he originally planned to only do three songs in the final encore but he did 4!, with his reworked working on the highway, still rousing the very tired crowd for one last hurah. This was the most amazing time of my life, i've been alive for 18 years but hadn't really lived until last night. I really hope somebody can do a boot, because it probably was the hottest and tightest show of the tour. It was just that tight, not a flaw. I want more!!!!!!! I must have it. Luckily it looks like they were taping it from many angles, the cameraman told me they were going to make it into a DVD 'special' like LIVE in Madison Square Garden, so hopefully next year we'll have a Springsteen: Live from St.Paul disc.


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