2002-08-30, Savvis Center, St. Louis, MO

The Rising Tour
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Appr. 2 hours, 30 minutes.

Downbound Train makes its first appearance on the tour.

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Jim Mitchell wrote: Bruce and the Band brought The Rising to St. Louis relatively early in the tour, but all of the concerns about the earlier shows seemed to have been worked out. Clearly tired (from the MTV VMA?) Bruce gave it his all, and started what appears to have been the beginning of his setlist changes with the addition of Downbound Train in place of Darkness. Classic moment when some intrument (piano?) let out an unmusical noise during "Thunder Road"- Bruce appeared both irritated and amused, and made some comments about that being "one hell of a radio". He was laughing throughout most of the rest of the song, and it's amazing that he finished.
Oddly large number of empty seats for a city that has had no trouble filling seats for a Springsteen show. Must have been a combination of $75 tickets, Labor Day Weekend, and relatively short period between saledate and showtime. Still, VERY enthusiastic crowd that sang along with even some of the Rising material. Regardless of mistaken popular belief, Bruce has a devoted following outside of NJ and the East Coast. Probably a stretch to hope for a 2003 show, but Bruce did promise that he'd be back "next summer". Don't make promises you can't keep, Boss...


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