2002-08-27, Compaq Center, San Jose, CA

The Rising Tour
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Appr. 2 hours, 30 minutes.

Thunder Road was not on the written setlist.

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"cbrooks2000" wrote: Well I had GA tickets and I was bringing my college buddy Dave (his first Bruce concert) so I wanted to get as close as possible. So I packed up the cooler, got the lawn chairs and magazines out and got to Compaq at 10:00. I was stoked because we were 77th in line guranteeing us a spot in the pit. I had no idea what the line would be like but it was awesome. So many hard core springsteen fans exchanging springsteen stories and just enjoying the wait. There were three guys in line who had their guitars and were playing some classic springsteen songs and quite well I must add. Another highlight of the line was a man (who I talked to later inside) ordered pizza for the first 100 people line. It was such a nice thing to do especially being a starving college student. It was great to be in line with all these nice people because everyone was watching out for eachother, if anyone tried to cut there were 10 people on their case. I also must complement the lady in yellow who did a great job maintaining order in the GA line. Later on in the day the news came by and interviewed the lady right infront of us (Delores was her name I think) she was really nice and obviously a huge fan, anyways she got a cameo on the news hopefully it didn't get on the cutting room floor. Ok on to the show . . .

They let us in at about 6:15 , Dave and I (Chad) were about four or five rows back from the stage. I met some great people including Joe who was stoked to see that 20 year olds still loved Springsteen's music. I also talked to the guy who ordered all the pizzas and I learned he hasn't missed a tour since 73. He also mentioned some classic performances at the Bottom Line and Stone Pony . . I am so jealous. The excitement was mounting since the last time I saw the band I was up in the nose bleeds. Well Bruce and the band came on at about 8:30 and played to 11:00. This was by far the best concert I have ever been to. The pit was constantly getting lit up like we were part of the show. Everyone was pumping their fists and raising their hands as we sang along word for word to every song.

Highlights of the night had to be well it was all a highlight but to pick out spots during Waiting on a Sunny Day as we sang along at the end the "do do do do do do do do do" Bruce was looking out at the pit pointing to fans and smiling. Well all of a sudden his finger is pointed right at us as he smiles. We went crazy, the man himself recognizing us. As the show went on I couldn't help but wonder if it was really us he was pointing at. Then during Mary's Place (a song that was made for a live audience) he made eye contact again - I couldn't believe it. After Land Of Hope and Dreams the band all came up and took a bow and once again Bruce was saying something (I couldn't quite read his lips) to different people in the pit. All of sudden he pointed right at us for a third time and all I could do was say THANK YOU over and over again, hopefully he could read my lips.
Needless to say my friend is now sold on Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. Bruce was doing a full cardio workout, sweating the pounds away and sponging himself down between songs. The band was also flawless and I am just praying there is second leg to this tour like the reunion tour. I called my brother after the show (who is also a huge fan) and he couldn't belive my story. He said "Dude, you will never forget this" That is for sure. It seemed like all day that we waited then I blinked and the show was over (I guess because I was having so much fun). After the show my friend and I were talking about him pointing at us and concluded it had to be us since we were the youngest people in the pit. It must be a thrill for Bruce to see that his music is still incredibly popular to fans who weren't even born when Born to Run came out. To close this review all I can say is get out and see this show and if you have the chance get floor tickets and when you do get there early, no matter how long you have to wait it is worth it.

Marianne wrote: Jessica Springsteen's singing debut has not been commented on yet. During the audience participation part of Waitin' on a Sunny Day, Bruce went to the side of the stage (Patti side) where his 2 younger kids and their cousins/friends were sitting with their elbows on the stage. He put the mike in front of Jessica and she belted out Waitin' on a Sunny Day... Bruce was literally "bowled over"--he fell down, rolled over etc in mock astonishment. This was the highlight of the show for me. Looks like Jessica is the next rock star in the family.


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