1973-03-24, Niagara University, Niagara Falls, NY

Greetings From Asbury Park Tour
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Albee Tellone wrote: I worked as a roadie for Bruce on this one along with Big Danny Gallagher. I don't remember everything but what I DO remember is that we had to drive from Providence Rhode Island to Niagara Falls NY for a concert the very next night. It's over 460 miles from Providence to Niagara. After the concert was over and all the equipment was loaded up in the van, we drove overnight in order to get there faster. We left around 2am and arrived around 9 or 10am. I took some pills to keep me awake and arrived exhausted at the Niagara U. dormitory. The students showed me and Big Danny some beds and I immediately crashed. Someone woke us at 2 pm to go to the student center to set up for a sound check. Usually at a show like this we would do a sound check at 4pm and break for supper after that. The concert normally would start at 8pm.

For a change, Bruce was the headliner at this one with a band called OLD SALT for the opening act. They weren't given a time limit to play. Bruce didn't believe in time limits for himself and never imposed one on an opening act. OLD SALT played for about an hour and got the college crowd warmed up. Bruce came out and played his heart out for over 2 hours - Something he rarely got to do as an opening act that year. It was feeling like the old Steel Mill concerts in the late '60s .You could feel the crowd getting in touch with his performance. It was a memorable evening with college kids partying very hard and calling for 3 encores. He impressed that crowd so much that after the show he was asked to come back later in the year to do another concert, which he accepted on the spot.

B. Hassett wrote: I was a freshman at Niagara University that year, living in a tiny dorm room and fearing the weather.
A new friend, we called Convict came by and said we should go to a concert at the student center. Never heard of the band but it didn't matter. I think it was still snowing at NU then.

The ticket was $1.00 and about 150 - 200 kids showed up but the band played like there were 10,000. Bruce was wearing a newsboy cap and he was all over the place. Thin, full beard, leather jacket and a tee shirt. He exploded right in front of us. I had never seen anything like him or the band. I think they played about 3 hours. I was physically exhausted and can only imagine how Bruce and the Band felt.I remember some of their early songs and I also remember "Devil with the Blue Dress On". I think they played Come Together by the Beatles too.
When it was over, we were exhausted. I went to breakfast late that night at a diner and there they were. I said hello, told them how great the show was and made small talk. Bruce could not have been nicer.Clarence too. A few months later they came back to NU and there were probably 1000 people there. The word of mouth was that he was not to be missed
I became a fan and in turn my kids are fans now.

BILL DORA wrote: I WAS at the Niagra Falls show and setup the PA Sound System for Marianna Music, with a friend of mine named BOB WISEMAN.
And I spoke to bruce as he warmed up behind the stage on the floor.
The place was half empty cause it was raining out.

But he played like he was the greatest show on earth! I couldnt believe it.


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