1999-07-15, Continental Airlines Arena, East Rutherford, NJ

Reunion Tour
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cosmikkid@gmail.com wrote: I remember being really hard-core about Bruce in 1999. I guess in those days I reached the highest-point mania about the man and his music. I was too young for the '78 and '81 tours; the regrets brought me to the Meadowlands with lots of hopes and dreams. Never been to Jersey before; I flew from San Diego to Philadelphia, rented a car and started driving north; a ticket for the show, tapes and a map was everything I needed! I don't know what happened but I got lost at some point. I pulled over and a highway patrolman said to me " Son, you'll end up in Canada if you keep driving this way, the Meadowlands are in the other direction... you shouldn't but I will let you u-turn here, you can't miss the show...I saw Bruce performing many times!". Right there, hearing those words, I felt everything was going to be all right, no matter what. In the afternoon I finally got to the Continental Arena and the huge banner on top gave me chills; I was going to see the Band after 11 years!It was opening night of the American tour! The tail gate party was one of the best I've ever seen, the press and photographers were everywhere. I met people from all over the world that day, I kept in touch with some. Finally the gates opened, I got in early. After a long wait, the lights went off and the magic was there all over again. A solid show, I enjoyed every song, especially "Stand on it" rocked the house. I had no idea the Jersey audience was so much into drinking and not paying much attention to the slow songs. I had 2 guys next to me, drunk out of their minds even before the show started! Except that, I had great time and a glimpse of the rocking days to come...


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