1999-05-18, Earls Court, London, England

Reunion Tour
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Paul Watson wrote: The return of the E-Street Band. I'd like to forget how much I paid for the tickets; or how much I wondered whether it would be worth it...

I needn't have worried, though. From the first note of the first song there was a great atmosphere, and the opening salvo of songs seemed to fly by. From there on it was great stuff; not always note-perfect but good solid rock&roll.

On a personal note I was delighted to hear Factory - a song I love but that I'd never have dreamed he would do. It was a good performance of it too.

Light of Day went on for quite a while, with a long "rap" in the middle, but didn't outstay its welcome.

The closer, LoH&D, I hadn't heard before but made an immediate impression. Even on first hearing it grabbed me, and many of the rest of the audience, and carried us along to a satisfying conclusion.

So we went out and bought tickets for the show 3 nights later!


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