1999-05-02, Evening News Arena, Manchester, England

Reunion Tour
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David Frith wrote: Where do you start a review of a show as amazing as this? At the begining i suppose!...This was my 5th Bruce show and without doubt the best. It was a bank holiday weekend and a friend and i had attended the previous nights show which was great but we both thought that the band was a little subdude! My friend couldnt make the following nights show (he had a dinner party to go to) can you believe it!!!...Any way as happens at all Bruce shows i had got chatting to some people from Barnsley, which isnt far from where i live. Im from sheffield by the way. So we got to the arena early monday morning hoping to get tickets for that nigts show,and did we ever!! Great seats at the sde of the stage with a perfect view.The band came on and crashed into Badlands then Two Hearts and Darlington County!I hadnt realised that a person could hold thier breath for 10 minutes!but i did!! Those first three songs will stay with me forever!The rest of the show was amazing, just check out the setlist. Not as good as the 78 tour, but as near to perfection as i am ever going to see!The crowd were great!not a single butt was touching a single seat as far as i could see, everyone was to busy dancing.When Bruce and the band finished the show with the beautiful If I Should Fall Behind and Land Of Hope And Dreams i was to tired to leave!Myself and about 20 other people around us who had been singing every song,dancing every dance and shouting every Bruuuuce!just sat there for about 5 minuets just laughing and chatting to each other. People that i had never met before,but who were now my best friends because of what we had just witnessed.I say that we wre chatting but to be honest i could hardly talk,my voice had gone somewhere around Hungry Heart but who cared!! The drive home that night over the Snake Pass back to sheffield was the best drive ive ever had,i didnt need to put a C.D in the player, the show was still ringing in my ears!!Its strange how the world always seems to be a better place as you leave a Bruce show. The traffic lights always seem to be green! The taxi drivers always allow you to pull out in front of them! And even A MacDonalds tastes nice!!!... It's all probobly my imagination i know,but if everybody in the world went to a Bruce show do you think the world would be a better place??... My friends i leave you to decide!!!

Ant Tuson wrote: My birthday, my 6th Bruce concert, and one of the best. Left Aberdeen at midday and drove 5 hours to Manchester. Fantastic show, a total career retrospective with songs from every step of the way. Highlight for me was Jungleland.

Show finished after 11pm, we hit the road and got home to Aberdeen at 5am


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