1997-02-17, Palais Theatre, Melbourne, Australia

The Ghost of Tom Joad Tour
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Lynette Brei wrote: A Wonderful night - the feeling of Bruce in the heart ws so close. The heat in the theatre was nearly unbearable only Bruce could make you feel that all was o.k - mind you I was second row from the top story at the back and needed a telescope to see him - but the music, his voice, his presence was why I was there and I certainly wasnt disappointed. The cd cover in the corner of my eye from another fan while approaching the stage didnt allow me to get a close photo or an autograph as I needed it tended too but the smile was on my face (covering the scar on my eye) for weeks and weeks. If you love Bruce as much as I the closeness of accoustic no matter where you are in the theatre (rather front row) in unbelievable and his voice was enchanting and soul searching - a night to remember always.


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