1973-03-03, Santa Monica Civic, Santa Monica, CA

Greetings From Asbury Park Tour
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Albee Tellone wrote: I remember LOST IN THE FLOOD because we had just heard on the news at the motel that there was an agreement made at the Paris Peace Talks to end the war in Vietnam that we were all opposed to. Bruce made a specific dedication of LOST IN THE FLOOD to the guys who made it back from 'Nam. He played the piano for the entire song like he used to do back then. Depending on the venue and the amount of time allowed, he would play the piano for the first part of the show upwards to 30 minutes. I think he did 3 or 4 songs on the piano before switching to guitar but I don't remember the exact number. I remember it being a very well played show to an enthusiastic audience who had never heard of him before. We were after all a late entry for this show. We only found out about it a few days before it happened so there must have been an opening band that cancelled .

Santa Monica civic was our last show on that trip. We were sad to leave California because things were starting to get better but we knew that we belonged in NJ where our real fan base was. Big Danny and I left for NJ either the next day or the day after. When we got back, we went to Boston to play a week at Oliver's .

Peggy Hannan wrote: I think you missed an earlier show at the civic. This one I think he opened for Dr. John the Nightripper. I used to work there as an usher.


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