1996-03-03, Playhouse, Edinburgh, Scotland

The Ghost of Tom Joad Tour
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John McGeachie wrote: Unbelievable !!

Bruce Springsteen playing only a 15 minute walk from my house. It doesn't get any better than that. Bruce was awesome this night. Fantastic storytelling songs from a hugely underrated album. He held that audience spellbound.

Please come back to Edinburgh Bruce !!

jimmy logan wrote: My friend( wee Johnny 99 +1/2) and I managed to seek into the balcony for the soundcheck. I remember bruce played about 5 songs and then he had a good look at the carving around the stage. then he came out and as John said he held the crowd in the palm of his hand. I remember my friend telling me on the way up about a song called "The Wish" I got an elbow in the ribs when bruce played this song. I love both the tom joad album and that show. Seeing The Boss by his self on stage alone doing his thing will live with me till the day I die. Thanks to the guy who sold us 2 tickets outside for face value. this was a day when the dice rolled upo for us.

The only downside to being a Springsteen fan is this refusal to play more gigs in Scotland.


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