1993-05-22, National Bowl, Milton Keynes, England

World Tour
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Mick Mutlow wrote: Great gig, rubbish venue, awful beer!Highlights were listening to the soundcheck, then great versions of Better Days & Lucky Town. I was in heaven when two of my best Boss songs were featured, Who'll Stop The Rain & Downbound Train. The set appeared to be very hurried with no dialogue in between, except of course when Bruce began to tell a joke when Shayne Fontayne's guitar broke. Funniest bits...... before the gig, watching the ladies not being able to control their bladders and head for the bushes during the long wait outside, and my mate clipping some drunkard with his car because he and his mates would not get out of the way on the way out after the gig. Happy days!

Jon Charnley wrote: I was down at the front most of the show - Viva Las Vegas was an audience request, played cos a guy I knew spent the entire show screaming for it between songs as I remember. I guess Bruce just got sick of him shouting in the end!

Mark Savage wrote: Special gig for me.... we'd lost touch with my uncle after some family trouble, he was the guy that got me into Springsteen in the first place. Got two tickets for this show, my second Bruce concert ever, and so I wrote to his place of work saying I'd got two tickets and did he want to come. Sure enough he did, so off we went and things have been good ever since. We also went to Earls Court for the reunion tour together.

Anyway, I loved this concert. Sure, the venue sucks. It's really bad, but it was a nice evening, great music - the band were even better than the year before, having grown together into a good act, relaxed and familiar with the music. Some good performances of his hits and I loved the acoustic opener.

Paul Watson wrote: A very strong set, well performed, that suffered from the vast open-air venue. this detracted heavily from the mood of songs like Satan's Jewel Crown, and the acoustic opening.

Some of the crowd seemed less than fully engaged, although again I blame the venue/acoustics rather than the band, who seemed to be on good form. I don't remember there being much banter from Bruce, though.

Martina wrote: Didn't particularly like the venue but the gig was brilliant. Weather was lovely which helped. Wouldn't class it as one of his best gigs but still enjoyed it.


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