1993-05-17, Maimarkthalle, Mannheim, Germany

World Tour
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Sandy wrote: Went to the concert with my boyfriend, who liked Bruce. I myself knew nothing of him except for the Nebraska album, that my boyfriend had given me to listen to when I had asked him what the music would be like. Didn?t like that album at all.
At the concert the first thing that struck me was the very friendly atmosphere. All the people we met were nice and helpful, some stranger even offered me to sit on his shoulders during the show. This was a totally different atmosphere than at other shows I had been to.
The show itself was incredible. Although I knew none of the songs and could see just about nothing (I?m pretty small and the whole thing was GA - with us standing way back) I was totally blown away. Best concert I had ever seen/heard - by far!
Bruce pretended to collaps and let himself be taken away by the paramedics, just to return right away and blow the roof of the venue.
Best concert ever!
Converted me to a fan instantly.


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