1992-07-12, Wembley Arena, London, England

World Tour
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Mick Mutlow wrote: My first ever Boss concert. Didn't have a ticket but the word was, if you queue up early, you are in. We got in and I can remember every bit of it - wow! My mate having chewing gum stuck to his arse from the seat, opening bars of Better Days reducing me to tears, Lucky Town guitar riff, loads of guys getting up to go to the loo during Big Muddy, Bruce in the crowd during Leap of Faith, and earth stomping Living Proof, a deafening Souls of The Departed, Bruce teasing the crowd during Light of Day, an unbelievable BITUSA, Bruce climbing on top of huge speakers and getting within yards of me during Hungry Heart,a night I will never forget!

John McGeachie wrote: Great show. Travelled to London from Edinburgh by bus with my then girlfriend. Great atmosphere in Wembley. Bruce was on great form.


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