1988-10-15, River Plate Stadium, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Human Rights Now! Tour
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Before his own set, Bruce joins Sting for "Every Breath You Take". Part of the show is later broadcast worldwide.

Eyewitness accounts

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Jorge Alejandro Nespolo wrote: It was a magic night... after 10 hours of shows going from Local Legends like Charly Garcia and Leon Gieco, Yossou N?Dour, Tracy Chapman, Peter Gabriel and Sting, my - by then - girlfriend and Me , she?s actually my wife, where about to knew in the real flesh the one and only ... The Boss... and despite we where exhausted, sleepy and really tired of singing songs... this man made the 3rd level concrete tribune flame like a ribbon in the wind... never before we have wittnessed such a GIANT BALL OF ENERGY came out from a stage... we sung, jumped, and cheered like never before in our lives... and at 1.30 am went home again sure that we would never assist another show like that... in our country...


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