1988-07-12, Waldstadion, Frankfurt, West Germany

Tunnel of Love Express Tour
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Marcus wrote: It was my first Bruce-Concert ever. As many others I came into Bruce?s music with the Live 75-85-Album and loved it since then. The concert was my only second I have ever seen at this time (my first was U2 in 1987 in Cologne), so I didn?t have to much to compare. Today, after seeing so many other concerts I must say this special one was still the best I have ever seen.

He started at 7 p.m., it was hot in the stadium, the sun was still shining from a clear blue sky. After a break after about 2 hours he came back in jeans and T-shirt and we saw a second half that wouldn?t want to end. I remember singing along Twist and Shout with 70.ooo other people for at least 15 minutes. At 11.30 it finally was over and we were exausted but happy.

Since then I have seen Bruce several more times, they were all awesome, but this was still the best show, especially with the Miami Horns playing. I will never forget that night. It was the beginning of long still lasting fan-relation-ship with the one and only Boss.

Gerhard wrote: I was there as well and it was pure magic for sure! I was in the same stadium yesterday eveneing as well - and now I don't know for sure if 1988 still ranks 1st! :-) Dude, did they kick arse!!!

Ricardo J. Colin wrote: I was stationed at Ramstein AB and had to beg to have the day off. Drove down to Frankfurt early that day with my best friend and we waited outside til the gates opened for like 3 more hours. I think they let us in around 2 pm? So we had to run like 10 minutes thru the whole park to get the best seats.

Remember everybody was already staked out with their blankets and we were like 25 ft. away. We made a dash for it as soon as possible and claimed the rights to the front center standing seats.

To this day I will never forget those special shows where you could see the show if you were willing to work for it.


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