1988-06-25, Wembley Stadium, London, England

Tunnel of Love Express Tour
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David Stewart wrote: Seventeen years old, on the main pitch. Outstanding show. My parents seen him during his previous tour, and I'm so glad I caught this one. Unbelieveable, and my favorite live concert ever. The River brought tears to my eyes, never felt such emotion in a concert, to this day. Jungleland, wow, Clarence hit it on the nail. The Boss was on fire. Never seen him since, I hope to get a chance sometime.

Gary Galbraith wrote: Can only echo what Ben says above. An amazing concert, which clocked in at about 215 minutes - the longest I've ever seen. Loved the horns - would love to see him play with them again. The double-punch of Because The Night and Backstreets in the second set was a highlight, as was the rock 'n' roll/soul revue-esque encore which went on for over an hour.

50,000 people at this according to some folks? Surely not. Wembley held 72,000 for concerts back then, and the place was full.

Danny Rhodes wrote: My first Springsteen gig. Seventeen years old. I have two abiding memories. The first is tripping and falling in the middle of Wembley stadium while holding a carton of coca-cola and feeling about 50,000 pairs of eyes had seen me do it...the second is getting to the barrier at the front for the encore and then moving back because I couldn't stand the crush...only for Bruce and the entire band to come on down and slap high fives along the entire front row. Stretch as I might, I just couldn't reach! You think this is bad? Two friends of mine travelled down together. One was holding the tickets outside and fainted in the crowds. She dropped the tickets...enough said...

Ben Mitchell wrote: This was the first Springsteen gig I went to and finding this site and now knowing the date brings so much flooding back. I had never seen anyone work so hard or try so much for his audiece. I especially remember being amazed at the Miami horns, his increadible version of Boom Boom and the encore that went on for an eternity. It was absolute magic.

Paul Watson wrote: This was my first gig, and what a corker! I remember most of all the incredible energy of it all - even the venue stewards way at the back of the stadium were dancing during Glory Days and the whole encour was like a huge party.

One of the girls I went with maintains to this day that Born In The USA (which ended the first "half" of the show) was the louded thing she's ever heard. But the volume just added to the atmosphere.

And the acoustic BtR, which none of us had ever heard (or even imagined) before totaly gripped the audience. 50,000-odd people all stood hypnotised, whispering the words to themselves. Bruce's intro monologue for it was (I think) similar to the one on the "Video Anthology".

Not the Bruce show I enjoyed most at the time, but in retrospect one of the best I've seen.


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