About Greasy Lake

Greasy Lake is a fan-based, fan-operated Bruce Springsteen website. That means we have no relations and no contact to Bruce Springsteen or his management whatsoever. We do this in our spare time and we do it for free for the benefit of all the like-minded people out there. The goal is to make Greasy Lake informative, entertaining, and a rally point to Bruce fans everywhere.

Greasy Lake is an uncommercial site, meaning that you will not be disturbed by banner ads, and we don't have any affiliate deals with any commercial websites. We do sell our own merchandise via CafePress in order to cover some of the expenses associated with running a site this size, but also because there simply is a demand. To further cover the costs, we have also asked for and received voluntary donations from users.

Greasy Lake is run from Denmark and is hosted on a dedicated server named Janey in an undisclosed location.

Greasy Lake disclaims the responsibility for any negative effects caused by erroneous information published here. We don't have the time, nor the means to doublecheck all information.

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