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Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band 1975

Published 2015-12-06
Ronan O'Shea
By Ronan O'Shea

[Ronan O'Shea, editor of British online music publication Festival Baby, kindly let us republish this article featuring pictures from a lost era in Bruce history, just before the fame hit. The pictures were taken by Barbara Pyle. The last part of the article is of special interest to people in and around the London area.]

Some interesting things happened in 1975: Maggie Thatcher began the long road to her reign of terror by becoming the leader of the Conservative party, West Ham won the FA Cup despite being shit, and the British voted to remain in the EEC (now EU). Okay, so, NOT A LOT HAPPENED IN 1975. Caps locks didn't even exist. Good thing Bruce Springsteen and his band of merry men (otherwise known as the E Street Band) were around to make things interesting.

1975 is the year of Springsteen's breakout LP, Born to Run. Although he had gained criticial attention for his earlier works (Greetings from Asbury Park, N.J. and The Wild, the Innocent & the E Street Shuffle) it wasn't until his third record that Bruce garnered the attention of America (and the world) at large. Until recent years, Springsteen wasn't a big festival fixture, largely due to the fact that he was able to fill out stadiums the world over by himself. However, he has performed at Isle of Wight and his Glastonbury set in 2009 is now the stuff of legend.

Check out our gallery, celebrating the pre-mega-fame years, courtesy of Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band 1975, by Barbara Pyle.

If you want to see more photography from Reel Art Press, who kindly supplied us Pyle's Springsteen pic, check out their Christmas Pop Up Shop, with signings from Hunter Barnes, David Hurn and Christopher Frayling.

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band 1975: Photographs by Barbara Pyle RRP £40/ $60 published November 2015 by Reel Art Press.

Reel Art Press Christmas Pop-up Shop, 284 Portobello Rd London W10 5TE. Opening hours: 10am-6pm from Saturday 12th - Sunday 20th December 2015. Book signings and Christmas drinks: Hunter Barnes will be signing copies of Roadbook on Monday 14th between 6-8pm. David Hurn will be signing copies of The 1960s Photographed by David Hurn on Tuesday 15th between 6-8pmChristopher Frayling will be signing copies of The 2001 File on Wednesday 16th between 6-8pm.


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Mike writes: Margaret Thatcher long reign of terror? Ask the long suffering people of the USSR about terror and the crushing individual liberty and freedom of expression. Thatcher along with Reagan and Pope John Paul II, helped liberate millions of souls imprisoned by a warped ideology of the Communists. They tore down the Berlin Wall thanks to Leaders like Thatcher.

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